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Historical background

1.Established at No.6-4, SheDou Road, Shetou Township in 1950 and was under the jurisdiction of the health bureau of Changhua county.

2.Agriculturally Development Association subsidized the cost of building the office in 1953.

3.Changed to be under the jurisdiction of Shetou Township District Office in 1960.

4.Changed to be under the jurisdiction of health bureau of Changhua county in 1974.

5.In September of 1989, due to many unfortunates were caused by accidents, the center started to hold workshops about safty and first-aid. The highest goal is to make all citizens learn first aid and everyone are safe. 

6.In order to prevent and control of hepatitis B, we held a series of hygiene education in October of 1989.  

7.June 24th, 1991, due to lacking medical resources, on an average base, each physician serves roughly 3,500 citizens.  As instructed by higher authority, set up the medical group practice center to better serve the citizens.

8.New office was built at No. 409, Sec 2, YuanChi Road, Shetou Township, subsidized by Department of Health and Health Bureau in 1992. 

9.In April of 1993, in order to strengthen and declare the immunization campaign and to have 1 to 5 years old infants to receive the polio oral vaccine.  There were waves of people were here for the vaccine and was reported in the newspapers on that day (82.4.15).

10.Established the hygiene promoted committee of Shetou Township on August 13th, 1993.  Mr. Xiao JingTian, chief of the town, was selected as the first director.  The chairperson of the woman association, Ms. WeiChen TsuanHui, was elected as the deputy director.

11.Established the public health voluntary team in January of 1996.  Which directed by the chief of community hygiene committee, Ms. WeiChen TsuanHui, cooperated with the staffs of health center to participate in public health affair. 

12.In 1996, Received the third place of the whole province for the performance of urine testing.

13.In 1997, Received the fourth place of the whole province for the performance of urine testing.

14.Made a good performance on handling the immunizations in 1999.


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